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The Documentary about

Fitness - CrossFit - Bodybuilding


Professional athletes present the best informations to the world to stay fit,
build muscle and eat well in daily life routine.


Science reflects its knowledge in studies and explain what makes sense.


Fitness includes everything that keeps you physically and mentally fit and healthy. Approaches from all areas can be used here to increase your performance and well-being.

Fitness Athletes show how everyone can be fit and have fun doing it.
The studies behind the respective workout and nutrition theories explain what make sense.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or a professional athlete,
you will definitely get an insight into the training,
the kitchen and the lifestyle.


One of the biggest new trends of the last decade is cross training.
Why is that workout out so good? Professional Athletes show their lifestyle
and how they benefit from it. The way they train and eat shows many advantages.


Bodybuilding has come a long way!

Not only men become more and more muscular, more women also
lifting weights in order to become more muscular and get better shaped.
Despite the ever-growing findings in training and nutrition theories,the principles are among
the oldest knowledge of our time, substantiated by decades of practice, and also offer successfull
approaches for amateur athletes.


Nutrition is one of the most difficult issues in sports.
With us, the athletes talk about their nutritional strategies and principles.


Hannah Prause 

Hannah has more than 10 years of experience in Bodybuilding and professional competitions.

Jürgen is an all-rounder in sports who has fulfilled a dream by taking part in a competition.

Sandra Palic 

Sandra lives the motto: Love what you do! So she realized her project with a lot of discipline, ambition and dedication and took part in a competition in 2021.

Elisabeth has loved and lived this sport since minute one. For her it is a passion that makes everything possible with discipline, ambition and the necessary patience.

Christian Gollesch 

Christian comes from endurance sports and was in bodybuilding for 10 years.

Benjamin looks back on more than 30 years of sports experience. Through the years, he expanded his skills to pursue a mix of different sports.

Thomas Pitzler
Science, Rehab   

Tom has worked in fitness and rehab for over 20 years and shows us the differences in each type of strength training.


January 2020 

The idea

The Movie

The birth of the idea

By accident we talked about how great it would be to produce a film about our loved interests and show all the world the benefits from different areas.

January 2020 

First recordings

Start shooting

Shooting First Interview and training shootings from different athlete.

July 2021 

It´s progressing


Website and Trailer goes online. About half of the film is finished and processed.

March 2022 

Starts again

Corona & 2022

We leave a hard year 2021 for all the gyms worldwide. Shooting starts again with more professionell athletes.



Benson, Chris

Video & Camera:
Christian, Benjamin, Thomas

Robert Ranz

Fitness, Bodybuilding
Crosstraining, Nutrition & Health